Saturday, September 29, 2007

Christmas Toy Rage

Christmas 2006

How many of you get into the Holiday toy rage? Are you always scoping out the must have toy?These are some of the toys that are hot commodities this Christmas. Every year it is something, isn't it? I think we are gonna just buy the kids one big toy they want and then they will get clothing and other stuff they need. We also always try to buy a new family Christmas movie to add to our collection. I just don't want my kids wrapped totally in the commercialism. In fact everything Kiarrah sees on Tv she wants. Doesn't even matter what it is. How do you all handle Christmas?

I Love My Big Brother

Reynaldo is still very very protective of Gracie. He will do anything that needs to be done for her and is always right there when she cries. Is is not at all annoyed with her when she cries but insists on holding her. Gracie always reacts when she hears his voice too. If he is holding her she relaxes and just looks up at him. In fact the other day he was laying in the chair with her and they both fell asleep. Unfortunately I didn't have any batteries for my camera. Their bond is amazing. I really wish that he was like that with Kiarrah. When I say something like that to him he gets upset and says " But MOM she is too bossy". I think he is trying harder though to be more patient with her.

Art Academy

The children are really enjoying their classes at our Church's Art Academy. Dominic is taking Art and is very good at it. I have included a few pictures of some of his work. Not bad for a almost 8 year old. Kiarrah is taking Ballet and Tap. She is loving the movement and is far from shy with her show skills LOL. Reynaldo is taking a Hip Hop Dance class. He loves it but is alittle shy. We are working on that though. These classes are such a good outlet for all of them.