Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Update on Life

Life has been a little on the busy side lately. Haven't had much time to blog. Things are good. Just s short little summary for you.
Dom and Rey both did really good on their report cards this quarter and made Effort Roll. I was so proud of them. They are both enjoying their classes at the Arts Academy. Dominic loves to paint but is struggling with having to do still life stuff. He much prefers being free and using his imagination. He does need to learn these concepts though. Rey loves his hip hop class. I have yet to see any of his moves. The teacher has informed me that he does dance. I need to just spy on him on of these days. Just don't want to get caught and have him not want to participate.
Kiarrah is in ballet tap. It is a great way for her to get her energy out. Especially with the tap dancing.
Gracie is growing. We got back to the Dr. on thursday for her to get weighed. I got her a highchair and she thinks that she is big stuff sitting in it. She is such a messy eater too.
Not much else to get into right now.