Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gracie in her own time

I am totally amazed at how much my baby girl is now doing. It is almost like it just happened over night or as soon as she turned 8 months. She starting rolling over on March 21st. I had not seen it so told my dad that he must be lying. She actually did it for Pop pop several times while we were in Indiana. I finally saw it on last Friday morning. She is actually doing really well on sitting up. She can balance herself for quite awhile. She is also managed to roll around on the floor trying to get to her goal. Usually it is a toy of her sisters or to newspapers. What is it about babies and paper? Her two bottom teeth are almost all the way in. We have had a cranky few days. She loves to eat and is finally putting on some weight. She loves to watch her brothers and sister. They can make her belly laugh by doing the simplest things. She is really enjoying her time with Sophia. They make eye contact more often and will smile at each other. I am especially amused when they roll into each other. They both have this look on their face like " Hey how did you get here". They are going to grow up to be the best of friends. I am going to ask her mommy if I can share a picture on here of the two of them. They are so cute together.
The boys are taking their Terra Nova testing this week. Dominic was very excited about it and Reynaldo flat out responded with " I hate test". Sorry little buddy but this has only just begun.
KiKi wishes that she could take tests. I am still praying about what to do with her for next school year. I want to do what is best for her. That reminds me that I need to contact the child study team and speak to them.
Jim and I went out last night for a rare date. We were only out for two hours but man did it feel like heaven. We went to Wallie World and gazed into each others eyes as we walked through the health and Beauty department. LOL It doesn't matter what we do, we always managed to have fun. He was in rare form with his Johnny Bravo impersonations. We went and grabbed a bite to eat afterwards.
I must get back to work and get some things accomplished. Just thought I would throw an update out there for those of you sharing in my life, spying on my life and just plain living vicariously through me. Speaking of spying on me I am quite curious to why some of you wont just come out and say hi. I do not bite and would love to know who is reading my blog. I do know who some of you are thanks to site meter. I know that Elizabeth is checking it out and then I have some peeps from high school who are logging on. Just drop me a line. Lets catch up