Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gracie's New Discoveries

Gracie has been shocking us with her language skills. She is finally saying a few words. The other day she was taking a bath and Jim came home from work. She gets very excited when she hears him lately. When he came into the bathroom to see her she started waving her hand and said hi da and she kept waving. She was trying to get out of the bath and into his arms. He was tickled pink about it. Yesterday she was playing in our room and knocked a box off of Jim's nightstand. Right away she made a shocked face and said clear as day utoh. I busted up laughing and she kept looking at me with an O face like, what did I do? She also says mama, dada and bye bye. She has said bye bye in quite awhile though. She is also too cute when she makes people laugh. She knows she is being funny and laughs and looks at your for a response. Her father and I both can be humorous and think she has that trait. I love all her new discoveries every day. She has learned to climb on to her ride on toys and while in Indiana she learned to climb my parents steps on the first try. She had also climbed up my dad to get onto his Lap. He of course had something she wanted, LIME SHERBET. More on that later. That was hilarious.

Beginnings of a New School Year

The three older kiddos are off at school today. I am sad a little but happy for the break and the peace and quiet. It is rough with all of them home all day and it makes it hard for Gracie to get a decent nap too. I love them but it was time for them to go back. Yesterday was a very testing day to say the least. I am not sure if it was due to the fact that they knew there would be a change in there routine and they were nervous but their behavior was off the charts. Luckily this morning was smooth. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning their rooms with them and going through some of their clothes to see what would still fit for the fall. I still have most of the fall stuff in storage to go through yet. Boy have they all had some major growth spurts. Especially Miss Ki Bear.This morning I got up to walk and came home and got showered and then I was ready to face the day. Reynaldo who is usually my challenge in the mornings got himself up on his own and got dressed. He was excited about school. Usually I have to fight with him for an hour to get up and dressed. Kiarrah was extremely excited but also nervous. She wore her new school uniform jumper and shirt. She was very picky about how we did her hair. I will post pictures later. They all had new shoes to wear. The boys had picked out Vans this year which were an early birthday gift from Busia and Dziadek ( For those of you wondering that is Polish for my grandparents. I actually just looked up how to spell grandpa. It is pronounced Jah Jah and grandma is prounouced Bush a)Jim went into work late so that we could take them together. I am going to have to figure out some kind of routine for pick up because each child comes out of a different door.I can't wait to hear about their many adventures when they get home.For now, Gracie is sleeping peacefully and I am off to clean up the house.