Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Registration

Yesterday I registered the Butterfly for Kindergarten. She is going to be in an inclusion class which I pray will be the best fit for her. We shall see. I am very anxious about her starting school and pray that we have made the right decision. I have been reading a book called Damaged Angels by Bonnie Buxton. This book has opened my eyes so much to the effects Alcohol has on an unborn child. While reading this book I am finding that I am becoming so angry.I don't understand why people think it is OK to drink while pregnant. Alcohol is a tetragon that causes birth defects. Even when you read parenting books they misinform the public that a little alcohol is OK. The effects it has on a child are serious. My butterfly is showing these effects now. I appreciate the people in my life that have taken the time to learn about this and who understand her. Those that don't just look at her behavior and judge her or even my husband and I as her parents. We are doing the best that we can and are learning as much as we can.

Happy Birthday Speedy

I can't believe that I forgot to blog about this. We must not leave this out. What would poor Speedy think. A few weeks back we ( the whole family) were invited to Speedy's 3rd Birthday party. The kiddos were presented with invites that had dog bone shapes glitterized ( is that a word? if not it sounds cool) on them. Being the good sports that we are we decided to "humor" Sarah and join in on the fun. Hey, it was a party. Any excuse is a good one isn't it? Well, I think I would draw the line at a party for my pet hermit crab. We all know that Speedy is Joey and Sarah's kid. When we got there we were greeted by Mr. Speedy, His Mom and Pops and his Uncle Steven and friends that came all the way from Ohioooo for the even ( not really but it sounded good) We then proceeded to get into costume. If Speedy can have cute ears, well so can we. What fine ears they were too. The kids played pin the tail on Speedy. Thankfully it was just a picture of him otherwise people would be calling the animal abuse hot line. We had a dog gone good time singing " Who let the Dogs out?", How much is that "Doggie in the Window?" and many other fine Canine tunes. Sarah made a scrumptious bone shaped cake and speedy got special homemade doggie treats. He was in doggie heaven. He loved opening his presents and was very social. People even got to have photo opportunities with him. Happy Third Birthday Speedy.