Thursday, December 13, 2007

Icey Joisey

It has been a busy week. Is everyone done with Christmas shopping? I still have a few more items to get. We have been busy with Christmas shopping, decorating and Dr. appointments. Tomorrow we are going to try and get our pictures done again. I would really like a family photo.

The kiddos are doing good. Rey is just getting over the croup. Kiarrah is extremely excited about Christmas. She thinks that if it snows it is Christmas and Baby Jesus' birthday. I have to explain to her that it is on the 25th. Of course to her I am wrong. Dominic is getting bored with school and going through a little bit of a difficult time. He seems to be very rigid in his thinking and not handling all the hustle and bustle very well.

Gracie is doing good. We went to the specialist on Monday and she weighed 11 pounds and was 24 inches long. We are continuing the Neosure formula and hoping for more weight gain. She is also still on prevacid and regalin. I have to keep a food diary for her and take in some stool samples. They are looking to see if she has any blood present that would point towards a milk protein sensitivity. She is very very alert and smiley. She loves to look at the Christmas tree.

I am getting ready to do some Christmas cookie baking this weekend. We are going to my father in laws for Christmas Eve and we are going to stay home Christmas Day.

On a side note, please keep my baby sister in your prayers. She is going through a really difficult time right now and really needs to prayers.