Saturday, July 08, 2006

Crystal Clear Water on a Hot Summer Day

We spent a nice relaxing day today at our town pool. The kids had a blast and loved every minute of it. I am so glad we went. We were originally going to go to the beach but we weren't sure if the one we wanted to go to would be open due to the government shut down. Plus the thought of coming home all sandy was not appealing.
This pool was nice. They have a baby wading pool and then a big one starting at 2 feet. Perfect for my little munchkins. Dominic was all over the place and can actually swim a little. He was even doing somersaults underwater. He really wanted to go jump off the diving board and got up there to try 4 times but he just got too scared, poor thing. We told him maybe next time. This was all his idea too btw. Reynaldo started off on the steps only but after about an hour he decided to join the fun. He was still a little cautious but went in more than I have seen him. Kiarrah is like Dominic and is part fish. She loves to stick her head under water.
We definitely plan on going back there. I know I could even take the kids there myself and be able to handle it. There are lifeguards everywhere and the way they have everything set up is just so accessible.