Friday, September 26, 2008

Rey Turns 8

Reynaldo just had his birthday this month. He is now 8 like Dominic for the next month. He thinks it is cool that they are the same age but Dominic doesn't like it. LOL. Can you blame him? He took munchkins to school for his friends to share and I made him a yummy cake for home. We got him the Batmobile that has the motorcycle that pops out of it and clothes. This kid actually enjoys getting clothes.
A week later Rey had three of his little friends over for pizza and cake and then they went to see the movie Igor. They had a great time. His godfather came too. It was a lot of work for Jim and Danny to take 5 hyper boys to the movies. I am happy to report that they did survive though.
Rey was also thrilled that he could now give up his car booster seat. 8 years old or 80 pounds is the law here.

School Woes

I have been totally slacking at keeping my blog up to date. Boy have I failed this month. I have so much to catch up up on. The kids are getting into the swing of school. We were blessed with some awesome teachers this year. Dominic has one that clearly loves her job. She is full of enthusiasm which is exactly what he needs. Reynaldo has a teacher that is very nurturing ( not to say the others aren't) and patient with him. Kiarrahs teacher is a toughie. Kiarrah has met her match. I wish I could say that she is doing good. We thought that she would after the first day but reality kicks in and it was a short lived honeymoon period. The second week of school she had a breakdown at drop off and didn't want to go to school. I had blogged about that. The following day was fine but the next day she got into a lot of trouble for hitting another little girl. She literally slapped her in the face. We think it was a jealousy issue. The little girl had just started that day and was getting a lot of attention. Kiarrah demands attention. A few days later we had an issue of pushing in the classroom and on the stairs. Part of it is due to her extreme hyperactivity but also she feels she needs to control and be first in line. I can see the teachers slowly wearing down. I have made it clear from the beginning that I want my child evaluated by the child study team. I expressed my concerned and told the teacher that if she goes to them because of needing help with Kiarrah in the classroom that she would have my full support.
Dominic has actually having some issues too. It all boils down to his Aspergers and not reading the social cues and just being the target of bullying. I have spoken to the teacher and hopefully we can safeguard him. He had his lunch taken away from him by a boy, he got paid a dollar to do another boys classwork and then yesterday a boy threw a pencil inches from his eyeball. He wants to please his friends and doesn't like to tell on them for fear they wont like him. He doesn't need friends like that.
Reynaldo is getting comfortable in his classroom situation and starting to act up also. The teacher uses a reward system in the classroom and he is just not the type of child to care if points are taken away. He wants to be a class clown. He is a very strong personality and loves to pal around with his buddies. He also LOVES the girls.
We are in trouble :)