Monday, April 02, 2007

Update on Baby Sweet Potato

Just an update on my pregnancy. Gracie is still a girl. I was so afraid that she would have grown a penis or something this past month since my last ultrasound. I am still miserable and achy. I know I complain too much. I just have always heard women say, Oh I just love being pregnant!! I love the fact that I have another human being that is flesh of my flesh and of my husband but I hurt and am sick and moody etc. How could you like being like this all the time? Just like women say "I miss being pregnant" Whats to miss? Maybe my mind will change closer to the end.
I feel like I am walking around like a granny. Geez what will I be like at 8 or 9 months? Anyway. Things are still progressing nicely. Gracie is now 11 ounces and looks really good. She is an active little booger. Likes to move those arms and legs around. I am still only feeling flutters and pressure on my lower abdomen but she moves like crazy during Ultrasounds. I will have to post some of her first pictures. She wasn't as photogenic this time around.