Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Brick Wall

I feel like I have hit another brick wall where KI is concerned. I took her today to the Neurologist with my list of concerns. Jim called into the meeting and shared his fears too. The Dr. was very frank with us and told her what we are dealing with is all too normal and it will get worst. You see, deep down inside I know this but didn't want to face it. She feels that the community does a disservice to these children. Why are there not enough programs? WHy is the wait list for a Pyschiatrist more than 6 months? We need more help out there. The Dr.'s hands are tied regarding medicine and she is passing us over to the Fetal Alcohol syndrome clinic. We have an appointment next month. It is going to be a long month before that appointment. I need a Dr. that will be aggressive with treatment and will get the ball rolling. I need help with her. I feel like we are not moving forward at all. How do I get help in the home for her? This child is as smart as a whip but yet these horrible behaviors come out. Today she was a complete angel while we were at the Dr.'s. She actually would not even speak which is so not her. I think she was taking everything in though. She had that scheming looking going on. I just know we are not going to survive the summer unless we get some help. I am scared to death that we are not going to make it.