Thursday, August 10, 2006

Peaceful Day

The kids and I had a pretty enjoyable day today. Kiarrah went to her program this morning and then the boys and I met her there for a visit with the psychiatrist. He went fairly well. He decided to add a medicine to help her sleep at night. She is always so wired in the evenings. It is like she held her hyperactivity in all day and needed to just let it all out at night. So she is hyper all evening and can't relax to fall asleep. After that, we went and say the movie Barnyard. We all really enjoyed it.Kiarrah decided that she wants a Branyard. Do I have a little farm girl on my hands? I met my friend Dawn and her daughter afterwards at the mall and we had an early dinner followed by a trip to the park that didn't last long due to RAIN!!! I could barely see the road coming home. All in all a pretty decent day with only a few battles of the Wills. Kiarrah threw a tantrum at bedtime with her usually " I hate my room, I hate my bed, I wanna sleep in your bed mommy. Needless to say she is sleeping on the floor in the boys nice and cool room. We have another storm coming through and I had to shut all the windows.