Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning Mews

The "butterfly" started preschool this morning. She woke up so excited and just ready to start her day. She claims that she hopes that she gets homework.
The boys went to one of their last two half days of school. These half days are such a waste. Dominic seems sad that school is ending but is looking forward to fun times in the back yard swimming and playing football. Reynaldo feels the same.
I have a 32 week appointment with my Dr. Hopefully things are progressing well. Let the countdown begin. I noticed this morning that i have a major waddle going on. I am gonna try to get more things ready for the baby this week. I am having a shower in a few weeks that I am really excited about.
Not much else going on. I am going with my husband and Worship Team and Pastors to a Sectional meeting tonight. We got a sitter for the night so it will be a nice break. The Worship team will be ministering.
Now to get a little bit of stuff around here done.