Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Don't Say Cheese say Geez

I am so ticked off right now I could scream. Hubby took the day off of work so we could do some errands and then we had an appointment for when the kids got out of school to get a family portrait done and a picture for this years Christmas card. Everyone got all gussied up in the pretty/handsome clothes and we headed over that that great retail store with the bulls eye. First off I forgot my coupon. The sales clerk was extremely rude and was of no help. In fact he flat out told me that he didn't have coupons and couldn't use on for me because he didn't have the code. Give me a break!!! It was the coupon that comes in the Sunday coupon circular almost every week. I literally have 4 of them sitting here at home that have been relocated to the trashcan because they have lost my business in their portrait studio. That wasn't the only thing that happened. When we got into the room Gracie starting crying hysterically. You have to know Gracie to know she hardly ever cries. She is such a good baby. I tried everything and she wouldn't stop. The photographer was getting mad because he couldn't take our pictures and he said he had to take these quickly because he had other people coming. I told him thank god we got there early to accommodate this and I was going to try and calm her down. He was shocked that it actually wasn't even our appointment time yet. She wouldn't calm down and I had him just start taking pictures of the kiddos individually. We tried again for the family portrait with no luck and when she finally did calm down he informs us that he took the 12 pictures and couldn't take anymore. NOT once did this gentleman(wrong choice of words)try to assist us by playing with the baby or trying the many tricks of the trade to get her attention. He had no personality and was downright rude. They will be receiving a letter from me at their corporate office. The thing that upsets me the most is that the other three children were on their best behavior and would have smiled beautifully. I know it isn't any ones fault that the baby was crying but he just made matters worst and didn't even try. What a waste of time. Plus we had driven 1/2 hour away during traffic to the place by our old house because studios are so booked up.
We shall try again.