Thursday, March 27, 2008

The return to the Sickies

Greetings from Chilly New Joisey. I didn't want to lift my sleepy head from my pillow today. I have just been so tired lately. Yesterday was a busy day. Tuesday the girls and I fly home without a glitch but were exhausted from the whole day of travel. There is just something about flying that makes me tired. We had an awesome trip but more about that later. When I got home Reynaldo was still not feeling good. Dominic woke up Wednesday with a really sore throat again. I ended up taking the two boys to the Dr and took Gracie so that they could weight her and check her ears. She was extremely uncomfortable on the flight home and I was really worried about her ears due to all of the congestion she has been having. Come to find out that all throats are still infected. We are starting a new round of antiboitics. This will be Reys first round. Hopefully we can get rid of it this time. Gracie doesn't seem sick at all.
These kids have missed so much school this year. and to think that the germies have not been as bad as they have in the past. Kiarrah thank God is healthy and happy and back at school. She sure missed everyone. Well almost everyone. She was sure to tell me who she didn't miss from school. We had to have a talk about not telling that person that she didnt miss her. She is always so blunt. I have explained to her that you don't have to like everyone but you need to be nice and not hurt feelings. When she doesn't liked someone she is very passionate about it.
We had a wonderful trip to Indiana. It was a very low key long weekend and the kids has a good time. KiKi spent some good quality time with PopPop and MeMa. She went to see Horton Hears a WHo with PopPop. My dad actually liked the movie too and knew the whole story line. Mema colored eggs with Ki and they made fruit salad together. Ki also spent time with Aunt Mindi coloring and Auntie Jaimeers. She went to visit a friend with her and then we went out to lunch one day together. Whenever I get home I love to go to a great resturant called Hacienda.
Easter Sunday we had the family over for a yummy dinner of Ham and Polish Sausage that Grandpa makes, fruit salad, sweet potato casserole, California Vegetable Bake and bread. Everything was so delicous. Later in the evening we had sandwiches and potato salad and a relish tray. Jaimee made her banana pie and mom made a lemon meringue. Hey do any of you bakers out there know how to make that pie so that the crust isnt so moist?
We also played cards. I think that is a total Midwest thing. We played Euchre and played a few games of Bunko with Kiarrah. She really enjoyed that.
Our flight out was quite the nightmare. New York had major winds. We ended up sitting on the tarmack for 2 hours before we took off because they were only using one runway. Kiarrah talked the ear off the lady who sat next to us. Thank goodness we won't see her again. At first it was cute but I could tell after awhile that she was getting annoyed. I was sure to thank her for being so patient with my daughter. When we got to Detriot we missed our connecting flight and then they were not going to be able to get us to Indiana until Friay evening because everything was booked. Instead they could get me to Chicago so we did that and My father drove the three hours to get us. We hit a lot of traffic and didn't get to their house until almost 8 pm. It was a very very long day. My dad was so tired after driging there and back.
The boys enjoyed their time with daddy although Reynaldo was misreable without me. He is just so attached to me and hard for him to be away from me. It didnt help matters that he wasn't feeling good. He made it clear that I can't leave him again.
Anyway I am back to the daily grind. I will try to post some pictures later. I need to unpack and get my house back to order. Three boys alone in the house are slobs for sure.