Friday, June 08, 2007

Need Duct Tape

My daughter is driving me bananas. (Line taken from her tshirt that says my brother drives me bananas) She will not keep her seat belt on in the car when I am driving. Any advice? Also she keeps escaping out the door when we are occupied doing something else. Yesterday I was washing my oldest sons hair and I thought she was in the living room with her other brother and next thing I know my cell phone is ringing and it is my neighbor to let me know that Ki is outside. She literally needs to be at my side 24 7 or she is either into something, out of something or just plain in trouble. This morning I woke up to a girl who covered herself in Vaseline which she took from the bathroom. The week before she had used my shaving gel and put it in her hair. The horrible fact is that she then lies about doing it. The evidence is all over her. It is not like I can lock her door or the bathroom door. I just don't know what to do with her. She gets lots of attention so it is not that she is lacking in that. The other thing that she is doing is not doing what is asked of her. It took her over 1/2 hour to get dressed yesterday morning. We had to keep telling her over and over. I even broke it down for her and asked her to put each item on step by step. She would just stand there ad either sing or dance or just play. I refuse to dress her. She is old enough to do it herself.
Is this just a 4 year old phase? I am losing my sanity with her antics.