Wednesday, August 27, 2008


How in the world do you stop kids from tattling? If I hear one more time, He's looking at me, I am going to lose it. They did it constantly on vacation too. I know they are cute and all but this has got to stop before this momma goes bonkers!!!!! I welcome your advice.

Seeing old Friends

One of the evenings that we were home we were able to connect with my best friend from high school. Deb has an adorable little boys named Ethan. Kiarrah had a great time playing with him as did the boys. We went to this awesome Kids Kingdom Wooden Playground in town. What a mess they all were when we left. What I love about my friendship with Deb is that when we see each other it is like we never had space in between our visits. Please keep her and her son in prayers. They are going through a divorce.

Bathtime Bliss

I thought I would take a break from the mundane housecleaning and share more of the happenings in our household with you. Wednesday I usually do a heavier cleaning which is a little funny because in the evenings on Wednesday I have a houseful of teenage boys in my house for a Bible Study that my husband teaches. They couldn't care a less what my house looks like. Lucky for me they always clean up after themselves and are very respectful. Believe me, if they weren't I would be handing them the vacuum. LOL.

Anyways, if you remember a few months back I wrote about Gracie hating baths. She would scream horribly during them sounding like a cat in heat. While we were on vacation we had a change of point of view. Me Ma gave her a nice bath in the tub with a cool whip bowl and a bath puff. She was unsure at first but handled it after she settled down. A few days before that we had gone to Lake Michigan. We had given her a cool whip bowl with water in it to play with in the sand. My mom repeated that activity in the tub and she had fun. Now baths are pleasant. In fact I gave her one this morning with Rey's help. He played with her while I was cleaning up. She used a bowl and her little squirt fish.