Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You are my sunshine

Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on the Butterfly

We finally got Kiarrah into the neurologist. After going through her whole history, the Dr. feels that she has FASD. That would explain the extreme impulsivity and the lack of fear. We are going to try a new medicine to help her with this. Kari if you are reading this coudl you please email me at I could really use some help on this regarding schooling and just general advice. I lost the link to your page.
The one great thing Kiarrah has going for her is that she is extremely bright. She loves to learn.


Gracie's personality is really starting to emerge. Her are some cute shots of her that I got. Bad hair day for sure!!!

Dominic is 8

I can't believe that my oldest is now 8. I am so proud of Dominic and how he has turned into such an awesome big boy. He was quite disappointed yesterday to get clothes yesterday for his birthday but he needed them. He got jammies, a winter coat, pants, sweatshirts and under shirts. We gave him money to buy a game for his PlayStation and to buy this hot wheels toy that he wants. He just wouldn't tell me what he wanted.

Last night I was making chocolate chip cookies for him to take for his class today and Gracie was crying. I took her into his room to lay with him so I could finish and they both fell asleep. I have to share these pictures.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

If You're Happy and You Know It....

This might not seem like something to be happy about to most people but if you know my son you will understand. He got in trouble today at school for being too "chatty". I was thrilled. He is usually so quiet. He is becoming a little social butterfly.

Bright Eyes

Happy Birthday!

Baby girl turned 3 months yesterday. Where has the time gone? She is doing alittle better on the reflux issue. The prevacid is working. She is going to be going for an upper GI in a week. Hopefully we will get some answers. She is starting to be much more vocal. I love to listen to her. The kids love it too and get very excited and they talk back to her. She is smiling a lot too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Pics

October Update

I am so sorry that I have not been on here in forever to update everyone on our family. Thank you for all the emails and the love :)

We are doing really well. I am starting to get some sleep and jealousy issues are finally diminishing. The gears are greased and we have finally fallen into a pattern for school, homework and chores. It was a bumpy ride there for awhile.

Dominic is enjoying school but not as much as last year. I am not quite sure why. It might be because of the heavier work load. He has made quite a few friends in his class ad I love to see him interact with them. This child has come so far from the way he used to be. To think that when he was three we could only picture him having to go to a group home. Now the Aspergers is so easy to overlook unless you have a trained eye for it. Dominic is also enjoying his Art classes over at The Hope Centers Art Academy. They are working on drawing still life though and he doesn't care for that. He would rather create something in his mind. He doesn't like to have rules put on what he draws. That is something that he is going to have to get used too. That is life. Little man will be turning 8 this month.

Reynaldo is actually liking school this year. For him it is a social function. He does have his days where he doesn't want any help and wants to goof off. Can you say Class Clown with me?? I think he takes after his father. He is finally starting to get the hang of reading. We just completed some testing for Auditory Processing at the Children's hospital and he definitely has it. I am waiting for the report to come back from the Audiologist and then I need to approach the child study team and ask for some more services. At school all the little girls seem to like him and of course he eats the attention up. Boy am I in trouble with him. He is also enjoying his hip hop classes at the Academy.

Kiarrah still loves her school. She is learning so much. She has been coming home reciting the Bible memory verses. I could learn a thing or two from her. She loves to learn. She is adjusting to rules and boundaries and I have seen such an improvement at home. I kept her home last Friday so that we could spend sometime together and she was such a little helper with Gracie and we had a lot of fun. She loves her Dance Class. She is in her element when it comes to tap dancing. There is no need for her to be graceful and she is able to be herself and let her personality shine. Look out Ethel Merman!!! She also sings all of the time. She turns everything into a song.

Gracie is doing really well. It has been a little bumpy lately though because she suffers from severe reflux. After 5 different formulas and two meds, I think we are finally on the right path. She will be going for more testing in the next week. She is starting to sleep better. I think it is because she is starting to keep down more food. She weighs 9lbs 5 oz now. She is starting to smile and coo a little. She wants to talk so bad LOL. She has her own little personality already. She is such a doll baby.

Jim and I have been very busy and active in church. Jim is on the Worship team and also leading a boys life group. He also has the honor of being our Pastor's Armor bearer. I am working with the Sunday school department as the Crafts coordinator. I am loving it. I am also part of the writing ministry. I love my church!!!

I am getting ready for a trip home to see my family. Gracie and I will be flying out for a week. My family is so anxious to meet her. I wish we could all go as a family but we are planning that for the spring.

Anyways, that is our update. I need to work on my blog when I get a chance. Somehow I managed to lose all of my links and stuff. I can't even find all of the blogs that I normally read.