Thursday, August 26, 2010

Berry Delicious Summer

Noah loves strawberries. I think that one was a little too tart to his liking

The Wonder of Pellets

I am so sleepy today. Noah is cutting his one year molars and is downright miserable. :( His poor gums are so swollen and he is really not wanting to eat. Finally I was able to give him some relief after a very dramatic temper tantrum with Tylenol and Humphrey's Teething Pellets . The pellets are amazing and very natural. You just dissolve them in a teaspoon of water and voila. Sometimes I have been known to just stick them under their tongue to dissolve. I do have to admit that my youngest son, Noah, is a drama king and very much a Mommy's boy. I know that his poor gums hurt but he is sure can bring it to the next level unnecessarily. I do love how much he wants his momma but sometimes I just feel suffocated. Does anyone else have a clingy baby? How do you deal with it? We also have a hard time getting him to stay with a sitter. I would love to hear how you got through it with your hair still on your head. :)

Speaking of Pellets, I wish they came up with a recipe that would work on mouthiness......... I think they would be fling off the shelves if they worked.