Thursday, January 03, 2008

FFF a day Early :)

Thursday Update

I thought I would give you all a little update. Took Gracie to the Dr. today. She now weighs 11.8. Luckily she is staying in that 3 percentile curve and not losing. We have moved her to solids and she screams for more. She loves to eat. We started with carrots and she has since also had green beans(which she loved), applesauce and peaches. I decided to make her some fresh green beans today and she actually did not like them at all. It might have been the butter in them. They were left over from dinner. Tomorrow I think I am gonna try her on sweet potato.
Dominic is sick with a double ear infection and his throat and nose are bothering him.
Reynaldo wishes he didn't have to go to school. He tried playing the sick card on Wednesday when they had to go back after the holidays. I wish they would have just given them the rest of the week off.
Jim has been off this week. Today we kept Kiarrah home so she could have some mommy and daddy time. She lives for that. We had a nice Day.
Tomorrow I am going to work as a fill in nanny. I will also do it next week and possibly the week after that. I am gonna see how it goes first before I take on that second week. The family has three children but I will just be taking care of their 4 month old daughter. Gracie will have a little play date.
Not much else going on here.