Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We love each other .....

These two fight all of the time so it was nice to get a picture of them like this. Kiarrah has some crazy hair. Isn't Dominic a handsome young man? Can't wait to see him on Saturday in his tux.

Mr. Crabby Pants Smiles

Mr Crabby Pants did not want to get his picture taken but was upset that I had Kiarrahs pictures on my blog. Finally after some help from big brother Dom we were able to get a picture with the teeth showing. Rey has been so crabby lately and I pray that we get over this hurdle soon. We have a Psych appointment and one with the stomach Dr. Maybe someone will have the answer we need. On a good note he did manage to eat 2 chicken legs tonight after much coaxing. We had to remind him that he loves the chicken legs that I make. That was all he would eat but it was better than nothing.

A KIKI Funny

This morning Kiarrah was being extremely hyper and was jumping around and singing "Hyper girl Hyper Girl Hyper girl". Jim asked her to stop and she looks at him quite seriously and says to him " But I am your honey, I am your sunshine, You love me and then she proceeding to sing I love you, you love me, were a happy family.... Blah blah blah. We both just cracked up laughing.

Future Highkicker?

Yesterday I had a prenatal appointment with my OBGYN. Kiarrah had insisted on going with me instead of staying with Daddy who had cars to shovel out. My appointment went really well and everything is progressing great with the pregnancy. The Dr. finally agreed to put me on something for the morning sickness that I am plagued with because of the affect it has on my sugar levels due to the diabetes. So far so good this morning. I woke up alittle nauseous but took another pill and it went away. I am feeling like " where have you been all my life?" The morning sickness has been awful. My mom and grandma went through the same thing during their pregnancies. When we were listening to the heartbeat you could hear a little thumping besides the heartbeat which was nice and steady btw. The nurse asked me if I heard it and she said it was Gracie kicking. She is an active little bug. Kiarrah thought that was really neat and wanted to see Gracie but I don't get my next ultrasound for another 2 weeks. So Thank God everything is going good!

Mystery Photos

Kiarrah loves to get a hold of my camera and take pictures. There are many times when I didn't even know she had played with it and I go to upload pictures and find many surprises photos. This is one of those moments.