Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday FInale

I had such a mopey down day today. I think this whole C Section thing has me scared. Just the thought of the epidural has me freaked. I am not one that tolerates pain well. Plus I am feeling down because I just don't have any of my family around. I am having one of those " I want my mommy" kind of days. I have my friends but some days you just need your mommy. It upsets me that they are not hear to share in this whole experience with me. The family I do have here just are not really active in the whole thing.
Sorry for such a negative tone. I literally burst into tears today. My husband didn't know whether to cry with me or laugh. I wanted to smack him.
Feeling lots of pressure today. It is getting painful. I wish I wasn't overweight to begin with because I am sure that isn't helping things. We are headed into a huge heatwave and UGH! I am just not ready for that.
The boys had a busy day. They worked on workbooks, wrote letters, wrote in their journals, and read. They also watched movies and played PlayStation. It was actually a pretty decent day. I just wish I could get them outside more often. I just can't stand the heat and we don't have any shade.
Kiarrah had an awesome day and came home with a hundred kisses for me. She has been very loving lately. She is very chatty and turns everything she says into a song.
Well, off to bed here. Hopefully I can get some sleep.