Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Good Morning all. I am so happy that the sun is out and it isn't freezing out. Maybe we will get out for a little walk. Gracie is turning into quite the funny little lady. She has such a humorous personality and keeps us giggling. Noah enjoys her antics and is probably learning a thing or two from her. I love the relationship they have together. Every morning when Gracie wakes up she runs in to find Noah and has to say good morning and squeeze his hands. I am not sure why but this is her routine. Noah just adores her.This morning when he wasn't paying attention to her she put her hands on the sides of his head and turned him to look at her. I will post some pictures later of the two of them.
The other three are doing the school thing. Reynaldo is just so ready to have it over with. He does good for a while and then gets frustrated. He was out all last week with the flu and was not happy to go back.
Dominic is liking school but the Advanced program is taking some getting used too. He really lacks in organizational skills and it is affecting his work.
Kiarrah loves school and can't get enough of it. I see a little teacher in her future. She is like a sponge and absorbs everything. She is still having a very difficult time making friends though.
I think I have finally adjusted to the craziness of 5 kids. I was really struck down with post partum depression and for the past three weeks I am starting to feel better. Check out my other blog when you get a chance. I started a whole new way of eating and am working on getting closer to God through it all.