Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Fear

What do you do for a child who just has no fear and doesn't even have a clue that there is danger out there and that some actions can cause her to get hurt? I have a child who has no impulse control and thinks nothing of running in the street or going outside by herself or thinks nothing of hanging out a window. Is the wiring that screwed up in her brain? Can you teach a child to fear? Can you teach them to have impulse control? I am just so baffled at how a child can be like that.

Brief Memory Lapse of Age

My husband took Kiarrah on Friday to his company picnic which is held up at camp. It was a nice relaxing day for me. I basically didn't do a thing but I will chalk that up as following Dr.'s orders. Well, while at camp I find out that Jim decided to forget that he is 38 years old and not as sturdy as he used to be. He decides to ride a slide board scooter down a hill really fast!! What he forgot to notice is that there was a bump in the road up ahead and he hit it head on and went flying in the air with not the greatest of ease and hit the ground and slide for quite awhile. Meanwhile removing several layers of skin in the process on his whole leg and hand.
They cleaned him as best they could and he headed home to share his great excitement with me. The dummy wanted to do it again until he saw the blood. My past few days have been spent bandaging and unbandaging him and cleaning his wounds. Thank God it doesn't gross me out and I still want to be a nurse. He is trying to seek a lot of pity from me but he ain't getting it. Stupidity doesn't deserve it. Big Mr. Macho Jim can barely walk and whimpers when he gets bandages changed. Toughen up big guy.

Kiarrah Funny

This morning Kiarrah tells me that she knows what she wants to be when she grows up. A teacher, a fighter fighter ( firefighter) and a mother. This all being said with her little New Jersey Accent. She then proceeds to tell me that she has to get married too because Reynaldo told her that if she wants to be a mother that has to be done first. She then says "He's a smart boy". This just made Rey glow. Right you are baby boy and baby girl.