Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dominic Funny

Yesterday Dominic had Terra Nova Testing at school and on Monday a note was sent up from the teachers just asking that your child goes to bed early and that they eat a good breakfast. Also it was important that they got to school on time for the testing. They had this kid so stressed that he woke up at 5:30 in the morning freaking out that he was going to be late and it was " such an important test and he can't miss any of it". I sent him back to bed and reassured him that we were not late and it was not yet time to get up. He proceeded to wake up every half hour freaking out. I reminded him that we are never late for school and he would be fine. He loves school so much. I hope he keeps that attitude.

Jersey Folks unfriendly?

It has been so beautiful here in Jersey lately. Unfortunately I think we have a cold front coming through again UGH!! I so needed these sunny days. My depressions seems to just linger on the rainy, gloomy days. As much as I hate the heat of summer I get more depressed in the winter. We have been enjoying being outside amongst neighbors and friends. It is so different from where I used to live. It doesn't matter when I go outside, I see people I know and they actually smile and say hi and talk to you. Who says all people in New Jersey are unfriendly? It is amazing that I have to go to an Urban area to find friendly people.