Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Greetings from Mommyhood. Home of the biggest procrastinator. Seriously now, I need a kick in the butt. Life is amazingly busy but rewarding. I so need to write. The kids say the darnest things and you know, as much as I think I will remember, the memory ain't like it used to be prior to my children's births. I honestly think you lose some of your memory after childbirth. Whose with me on that?

We just celebrated two birthdays. My Dominic is now double digits. He is 10 and thinks he is a teenager. The sassiness has begun too. Don't tell him I said this but he actually is hilarous. It is hard to keep a straight face at times when he is being fresh. He is doing ok in school. Not as great as I had hoped. The Hope class is a lot more challenging and he has gotten a little lazy. We have had to get a lot stricter with him.

Reynaldo is doing awesome. I absolutely love his teachers and wish he could have them every year. They make learning so exciting. That little guy just turned 9. I wish I could keep them little forever.

Kiarrah is doing great in school too. Just have to keep her busy. Her and Gracie are actually getting very close. I love to see their friendship and sisterhood grow. They now share a bedroom and I crack up listening to them "talk" at night.

Gracie is starting to say many more words and is really asserting herself. She is very stubborn. Wonder where she acquired that? hmmm She is very into shoes. Putting shoes on is her first thing to do when she awakes. Doesn't matter that they don't match her footed jammies. She also wears everyone elses shoes. Shoe Fashion Designer in the future?

Noah is my little snuggle bug. He is going to be 4 months. He is finally sleeping through the night more often and not as whiny. He is a needy little boy and we of course spoil him. I am gearing up to start feeding him some creal soon. He is just not full after nursing and his bottles. That should be interesting.

I just celebrated my 39th Birthday. I can honestly say I do not feel that age. I feel much younger. I think the kids keep me young. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.