Saturday, January 06, 2007

All Day Sickness

Whoever coined the term morning sickness has no clue what they are talking about. I am now seven weeks as of today and I have nausea on and off all day long. UGH!. Crackers don't help at all for me. I had finally discovered some ginger drop candies and those help somewhat. I just wish them made them in sugar free.
Our little munchkin is due on August 26th. Kiarrah is adamant that it will be a girl. She will not hear of me having a boy. She claims her brothers can have another brother but she will only have a sister. I told that she is gonna have to do some talking to God. Reynaldo wants a sister only if she is nothing like Kiarrah. He would also like a little brother. Dominic just wants a baby period. It could be either as long as he gets to help take care of it. He wants to feed it.
We are pretty sure about the names we want. If it is a girl we really like the name Hannah Grace and for a boy we like Elijah Perry.
We had our second ultrasound on Thursday and everything looked really good.
Right now we are just in the process of packing to move in a few weeks. That is going to be a big change for us but one we are looking forward too.