Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Question of the Week

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tuesday Tales

Boy am I sleepy today. It is definitely going to be a nap day!! Ah!. Just the sound of it is making me yawn. The kids had one more half day but I let them skip it. Ain't I a cool mom?? LOL. It is just so hot out there and I was dreading the walk there and back.
Dominic was pleased because he has been punished from his PlayStation and got it back today. You can guess what he will be doing today.
Reynaldo is just happy to be home with "Momma". He misses me when he is at school. That makes me teary eyed. Today we are going to sign up for the summer reading program at our library. Later today today the boys have check up appointments with the Dr.
Ki had an awesome first day at preschool and get this... Actually took a nap for them. That girl never naps. I hope it isn't something that is gonna wear off. She really enjoyed herself and was kept busy.
I had my Dr. appointment and this was my first appointment without taking Kiarrah and my blood pressure was better than it has ever been. He said was doing really good and to just take it easy. We also talked a lot about post partum depression and they gave me some helps and resources to help me out. I am not as worried about it as I was.
My great friend Sarah watched the boys after school for me while I was at my appointment. She is like Mary Poppins with her bag of goodies. I was so impressed with what she did with the kids. She took them on an imaginary trip to Hawaii. She brought a map and showed them where they were going exactly. They did coloring sheets of airplanes, made glittery fish and tissue paper fish, did something with coffee filters and made lei's. She also made this octopus matching game. They had a blast. I am so blessed with awesome friends that take the time to understand my kids and know how to love on them and give them what they need and that is acceptance. They have had so many people walk in and out of their lives and I think they have learned who is gonna be there for them. Those are the people they cling too.
Last night Jim and I went to a Sectional Pastor meeting. What an awesome word from God. Our worship team ministered and they did a great job. It felt weird not really seeing the kids for most of the day but they had a good day, I got a break and we all missed each other. Sometimes a break is just what you need.
Well, off to boil some hard boiled eggs for the worlds famous soccer player.