Friday, March 07, 2008

Prejudice in 2nd grade?

I am so livid right now and need some advice on how to handle this. My son came home from school today because some little girl in his class told him that she was going to be mean to him because he was black!!
How would you handle this???????????

My FFF for this Week

I love this picture of Jim. I can't beleive that we are going to be married for 14 years next month. Isn't he a hottie?? Gotta love those eyes.

Friday Rundown

I have been out of touch in the blog world. Can't wait to catch up with everyone. Not much going on in the homefront. The sick germs have invaded our home and I am doing everything I can to evict them. Miss Butterfly has Strep right now. SHe has been so mellow and sick. I have enjoyed the mellow part immensely but not the sickies. Finally today her fever is down.
Been a busy week prepping for IEP meetings with the school. Reys is on monday and I am already tense about it. Jim is going to go with me for support. I want so much more for this child and all they care about is the fact that he is passing. I have been working with him on a daily bases and that is the only reason he is reading. He is a yr behind. It ticks me off that I have to fight so much for him to get him what he needs. This no child left behind crap is exactly that.. crap, Whoever came up with it must not have special needs children. Ok off my box.
Dominic still loves to read. He is enjoying the Captain Underpants books. I would love some recommendations for books for him. He is 8 and into chapter books. I just bought him 2 biographies for black history month that he is ready to read.
Gracie is being cute as ever. She has been spending a lot of time on her belly and is trying so hard to rool over and get on her knees. She sees the other kids running around and she wants to be moving with them. She gets so excited when they are around but she also loves her QUIET( yes that does happen for a few hours a day) time cuddling with mommy. She managed to bring her toes up to her mouth today by pulling on her footie jammies.
I sent in my admission papers for School next fall and did the financial aid. I am excited about that. Not much more except I have been working on my Ebay store to try and supplement our income. Check it out if you get a chance.Kiarrah's Closet