Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Crack, Bang ,Boom

We spent a fabulous day yesterday at a Pool/BBQ Party at Dominic's Godfathers house. The kids were a bit waterlogged after spending all afternoon in the pool. Kiarrah decided to jump right in with no one there to catch her. Talk about Faith! Luckily mommy saw her out of the corner of her eye and came to her rescue as she tried to surface. She had absolutely no fear and was quite the daredevil while using the swimming ring (aka tutu to all you prissy girls out there)to stay afloat. Reynaldo was a ladder hugger. He aint a fool. He knows he can't swim and isn't going to fake the part. Dominic is part fish and tried really hard to swim. He learned if you are starting to go under all you have to do it hold down the person next to you to stay a float. Note to Dominic: Do not do that to a pretty little girl who can't touch the bottom herself otherwise she turns into Ursula the seawitch.
Bob cooked quite the feast with your typical hot dogs hamburgers and corn on the cob. He topped that off with London broil, chicken skewers and wings. Everything was absolutely delicious and the company was entertaining.
We moved on to fireworks at dark and it was quite the show. We were armed with garbage can, hose, and police scanner and then began the festivities. After many oohs and aahs and wows, the children enjoyed sparklers while I watched on with fear. I was certain that someone was going to get hurt. Finally I had to look away and have daddy take guard while I willed away an ulcer.
We didn't get home until midnight and the poor kiddos had to go to school this morning. Bad Mommy, I know.