Friday, July 07, 2006


I read an article today that really upset me. I have thinking a lot lately about my children and their different races and the difficulty we have in actually not knowing their birth fathers races. We do know that Dominic's birthmother is African American, Reynaldo's is Puerto Rican and Kiarrahs is African American. We have absolutely no clue what the fathers are. I don't think the birthmothers even know. What race are we supposed to check off for them? Why does it even have to be something that is checked off on all of these stupid forms I have to fill out everywhere I go? Does it really matter? Along with that thought is my fear of the children having a hard time as they get older with wondering what race they are and why are mommy and daddy and all of my other relatives white. Sometimes I think I have become colorblind. I have just forgotten that the kids are of a different race. I do get knocked back into reality when I get looks and stares and questions like " Is she yours?", to which I want to say " Yes" Don't we look alike? My boys get asked all the time if I am there mom. Dominic actually gets upset when kids will ask him and then look at him like he is lying. We have gotten much more insensitive remarks made and I simply choose to look at it as Stupidity.
This article that I mentioned earlier speaks about the fact that more ads are multiracial. The author seems to feel that is not the real world. He must not be from New Jersey. I see it everywhere. In my church, in my community etc. He feels that you aren't going to have two white children and two black children playing baseball together. It is becoming more of a common thing to see. There are so many different children out there and it is a beautiful thing. I attend a church that is very culturally diverse and everyone talks to everyone else. We worship together and go out to eat afterwards together.
I guess maybe it isn't the "norm and as acceptable" in lets say, maybe the Midwest.
I am happy to see multicultural ads. It might not be the real world for everyone but it should be. Didn't God create all of us? We are all his children. Why does race and color have to be such an issue? If anyone of us gets cut we all bleed red.