Sunday, June 25, 2006

From Back Packs to Beach Bags

The start of summer is finally upon us. Dominic ended school last Wednesday and was very excited to graduate up to 1st grade. He did exceedingly abundantly better than I had expected. He loves school and that makes me so happy. He had started the year out with a full time aide and she was removed after the first month. Despite his disabilities he adapted to his environment and made many friends. He starts a summer day camp tomorrow that is through our town recreation department.
Reynaldo will be graduating from his partial hospitalization program on Friday. He is actually pretty sad that it will be ending. I think it feels very secure there. They have helped him so much and have held him account. We hope to carry that on at home. He is finally on a good dosage of medicine that agrees with him. I think sending him to this program is the best thing I could have done. The only thing that has been affected by this is his school work. The problem is that he only got two hours of academics at the program and most of the teaching that is done in kindergarten is manipulatives. Thank goodness he qualified for the summer program through the school and he will attend the program for the month of July. I hope they are able to do a lot of review with him and catch him up to par. He will be attending a self contained 1st grade class in the Fall.
Kiarrah is still in her therapeutic nursery program. We decided to start her on meds last week and it has made a huge difference. I was so adamantly against it in the beginning but she is just too hyper for her own good. Hopefully with the combination of the drugs and behavior program we can help her.
I have enrolled in college for the Fall. I am going to start part time for the first semester. I decided to go for the nursing program. The first year is probably going to be my remedial classes. I have been out of school so long so it is a little scary. I know I can do this though. I am just waiting to hear back from financial aid to see what I qualify for.
I am looking forward to going to the beach this summer. The kids would also like to go to the Bronx Zoo. We might take a few little day trips here and there. We are supposed to go to Indiana in August if the funds are there.
Off to my mommy duties.....