Thursday, November 06, 2008

Life in New Jersey

I have neglected my blog for so long. I guess you can say that parenting 4 little ones has caught up with me and I don't have a lot of computer time. I didn't want to neglect my blog though because I love keeping everyone up to date and I love the new friendships I have formed. I haven't even read everyone's blogs. I will have to play catch up for awhile. I hope everyone is well and enjoying life.
A lot is happening in our neck of the woods. First News is that we are moving. I absolutely hate packing but I am so excited to move. Our current living arrangements have been less than desireable for quite awhile but we had been waiting listening for God to direct us. Whether it was to move to Indiana, Bayonne or what have you. After vacation we had seriously looked into Indiana feeling that maybe the time was right. Jim was onboard with this thought and we looked into. There are NO jobs. Yes it is much cheaper to live there but you must have a job to pay the bills.
We had then looked into moving to Bayonne with some friends that were buying a house. Would have been a little tight space wise but was in a great school district and would have a yard and laundry facilities. We said yes but God said no. I would be isolating myself away from my friends. I am the type of person that needs my friends around me. Especially in my Christian walk and just being a mommy to my three. I would have to be locked in a padded room. It was not the answer. As much as I hated to share with my husband that I was feeling a no go from God I had to tell me. Thankfully everyone understood and we stayed where we are.
About a month later we had a friend in church come up to us and ask me if I knew the house I was living in was on the market. No Maam, I didnt. We had decided that we were going to start looking because it is not easy to find a home in our price range for 6 people. Later that day we got a phone call from that friend asking us if we would be interested in renting from her if she got the house that she would be placing a bid on. It was perfect for us. Lots of room, a basement, a yard, Parking, laundry and a Christian Landlord. Ideal!!! Sp we will be moving next weekend. I have been busy packing and we have been painting. My hubby ripped up all the carpet over there because there are beautiful hardwood floors. We can't wait.

What else is happening you might ask? Let's see. Dominic turned 9 in October. He went to a Nets vs Boston game with his brother and Dad. This weekend he will be going to spend some time with his Godfather for his belated birthday celebration. He doesnt even know about that yet. He is doing good in school academically but is struggling socially. He is just not picking up on people skills. This is such an awkward stage right now for him. He was the target of some bullying but that seems to have gotten better. The kids will be switching school when we move due to district and I am hoping the school is better for all three of them.
Reynaldo is struggling mood wise and in school. He is such a class clown. Loves to have all of the attention on himself. His teacher told him that she was jealous because everyone was paying attention to him and not her. He thought that was funny. He is enjoying his tap and hip hop classes immensely.
Kiarrah is doing well in school except for her behaviors. The teachers are quite overwhelmed and we have held off doing anything until we move. This is what we had expected though from her as much as it shocks me. She is really excited because she was asked to be a flower girl in a wedding next week. I can't wait to see her all dressed up walking down the aisle.
Miss Gracie is growing like a weed. She now finally weighs 21 pounds. She loves walk around and play with her toys. She really gets into playing. She also loves to test her limits. She is starting to jabber away and she has such a happy personality. She is such a joy.
That about sums up things here. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.