Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unplugged Kids

Yesterday I my littlest ones were bored and didn't want to play with their toys so they did the next best thing. They tried on all of the socks in my sock drawer. It was an ingenious idea and it kept them busy for almost an hour. Whodathought?
I love the fact that my children have an imagination and love to play. The oldest two? Not so much but the younger three? Yes. There are many times I walk into the boys room and find Reynaldo and Noah playing with cars or dinosaurs and Gracie loves to pull out all of the dress up clothes and play kitchen stuff and Barbies and Little People. Actually quite often she pulls it all out at once. We are working on that. In fact, her room is a real disaster right now. We are having a very difficult time getting her to clean up her mess's.
I remember spending hours playing with my sisters. We would play baby dolls and Barbies. My favorite though was when we would play school down the basement. We would set it up really cool and play for hours. That is one of my fondest memories growing up.
My oldest two are major book worms and because Kiarrah is an advanced reader, Dominic and her swap books when the mood strikes. Kiarrah has also developed a love for writing like her momma. Dominic also loves to learn about all of the Presidents. I think Autobiographies are his favorite kind of books.
I am just so happy that my husband and I have fostered an environment were our kids can read and imagine and explore. I refuse to be a family where my kids are always watching TV or have their nose in a video game. They do those things but we limit it. I get so upset when we go to social events and all the kids are plugged into something. Whatever happened to just simple child playing?

School Break

We have entered that wonderful month of November where the kids don't have a lot of school. This week alone they only went 2 days. Luckily the weather has been really nice and in the 60's so they can be sent outside to play and get their energy out. Dominic got a new skateboard for his birthday and he has been breaking it in. I am praying for no broken bones.

We also need to finish up some school projects for both Dominic and Kiarrah. Kiarrahs project is extra credit but my little overachiever wants to do it even though she doesnt need the extra credit. She is doing a report on Penguins and has to do a poster. I wish I was like her when I was in school. Dominic is doing a Chinese scroll.

Trying to figure out what to make for dinner. What's on your dinner menu today?I am thinking something with chicken.