Monday, September 08, 2008

The Toothless Grin

Mr. Reynaldo was so worried that his teeth would never fall out. I would have to scold him for trying to wiggle them free. He of course wanted money from the tooth fairy and wasn't happy that Dominic was losing teeth and getting a little big of money. Finally his wish has come true and he has lost 3 teeth in over a months time. Isn't he just adorable? He was surprised that the tooth fairy even came to Indiana to leave him money. Poor mommy had to send her a text message to remind her because she didn't come the first night. I think she had gotten lost among the cornfields.

More Pictures of 1st Day of School

Gracie ready to walk the brothers and sister to school so that she can have mommy to herself
My cutie Reynaldo who is now in 2nd Grade. He woke up before everyone and was ready to go to school.

Ok city life is rubbing off on them. Peace Out

1st Day of School Pictures

Little Miss Kiarrah started Kindergarten

Dominic hates getting his picture taken. He is now a big bad third grader.