Thursday, September 06, 2007

Anchors Away

Saturday we went to Liberty State Park and took the Ferry over to the Statue of Liberty and then to Ellis Island. My parents had never been there. The kids loved the Ferry ride and enjoyed using Pop Pop's binoculars. We spent the whole afternoon walking around and exploring. The kids were a little bummed about not being able to go up in the Statue. You have to make reservations way in advance.
Amazingly everyone was on their best behavior.

Great Outdoors

While my parents were here we spent a lot of time outside sitting on the porch while the kids played. It was so beautiful out all week and we enjoyed relaxing in the great outdoors. The kids rode their scooters and played with the neighbor kids.

Does She Look Like Mommy or Daddy?

I really loved these pictures and just had to share. I have come to the conclusion that she just looks like both of us.

Gift from God

On Sunday we had Gracie Dedicated at our Church. It was a beautiful presentation before the Lord. I Thank God for her and realize what a miracle she truly is. She wore an adorable pink and chocolate brown dress from her " Auntie Desiree" and she had on fancy socks and shoes and a hair band that her Nana in Georgia got for her. It was so wonderful having my parents out for a special day. They were not able to be around for the other children's dedications and adoptions so it was nice to have them there on that day.