Sunday, June 22, 2008

School Countdown

The kids are doing the last day of school countdown. Monday through Wednesday will be half days with Wednesday being the last day for them. They have Thursday off and then they start their Summer program which is a half day School Success program. It is an enrichment program in Reading, Writing and Math. They aren't thrilled about going but they both could use the help. Actually Rey more so than Dominic but hey it is a free program and I want them to do their very best in School. They both made the Effort roll this quarter. That was a big challenge for Reynaldo and I am so proud of him. I am proud of Dominic also but I know he can do even better and he has been so lazy. When I mention making honor roll to him he gets very defensive and says that he doesn't care about that and it is stupid. I don't know where this is coming from. This program only runs for a month and they get out by 1 so they will have plenty of time for free play. They are also going to do the summer library reading program. I am an avid reader and I really hope that they will develop a love for reading. Dominic already enjoys it but he would rather play his play station.