Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Greetings from Mommyhood. Home of the biggest procrastinator. Seriously now, I need a kick in the butt. Life is amazingly busy but rewarding. I so need to write. The kids say the darnest things and you know, as much as I think I will remember, the memory ain't like it used to be prior to my children's births. I honestly think you lose some of your memory after childbirth. Whose with me on that?

We just celebrated two birthdays. My Dominic is now double digits. He is 10 and thinks he is a teenager. The sassiness has begun too. Don't tell him I said this but he actually is hilarous. It is hard to keep a straight face at times when he is being fresh. He is doing ok in school. Not as great as I had hoped. The Hope class is a lot more challenging and he has gotten a little lazy. We have had to get a lot stricter with him.

Reynaldo is doing awesome. I absolutely love his teachers and wish he could have them every year. They make learning so exciting. That little guy just turned 9. I wish I could keep them little forever.

Kiarrah is doing great in school too. Just have to keep her busy. Her and Gracie are actually getting very close. I love to see their friendship and sisterhood grow. They now share a bedroom and I crack up listening to them "talk" at night.

Gracie is starting to say many more words and is really asserting herself. She is very stubborn. Wonder where she acquired that? hmmm She is very into shoes. Putting shoes on is her first thing to do when she awakes. Doesn't matter that they don't match her footed jammies. She also wears everyone elses shoes. Shoe Fashion Designer in the future?

Noah is my little snuggle bug. He is going to be 4 months. He is finally sleeping through the night more often and not as whiny. He is a needy little boy and we of course spoil him. I am gearing up to start feeding him some creal soon. He is just not full after nursing and his bottles. That should be interesting.

I just celebrated my 39th Birthday. I can honestly say I do not feel that age. I feel much younger. I think the kids keep me young. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm Back

WOW time sure flies by. I can't believe how long it has been since I last updated my blog. All of my readers have probably given up on me and left.
Well,First and Foremost Noah Perry Bishop was born on July 20, 2009 at 4:48 pm weighing 8lbs 12 oz and 21". ( can you believe I just had to go look that information up? Remind me later to tell you all about my memory or should I say lack of?????) He is a cutie and was born via emergency C section. I was 37 weeks and 6 days. Poor thing was running out of room and my sugar was insane. I was having sporadic contractions and just down right miserable. I am so not a happy pregnant Momma. I honestly don't understand how people can say they love being pregnant. Whats to love? I mean the end result is amazing but the road there isn't. At least not for me. Although I had my tubes tied and will not have any more kids I will admit I am saddened. Holding a brand new baby is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Gracie was quite excited when Noah was brought home. She was convinced that he was her birthday present. Noah and I were discharged on Gracie's 2nd Birthday. She insisted on constantly touching him and "helping" Then a little jealousy set in. She has to be watched like a hawk with him. Kiarrah, Dominic and Reynaldo were so excited when he came home and are extremely helpful with him. Gracie has become the official Diaper thrower outer. Reynaldo is the soother. He loves to cuddle with him and calm him when he is crying. Dominic is the official Greeter. He is the first one in the room in the morning to tell Noah good morning and loves to talk to him. Noah always follows his voice. Kiarrah just loves to do everything. She loves being a big sister. Gracie and her have gotten a lot closer now that the two of them share a room. She really helps me a lot with her. I am truly blessed with all of my cuties and my gorgeous hubby.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ahh It's June

I really miss writing in my blog and going to attempt to be more faithful at it. Life has been crazy busy as usual. I am now 30 weeks pregnant and just miserable. I know I should be loving every minute of being pregnant because it is such a blessing but I am just so uncomfortable and tired. I recently starting taking iron pills due to it being low. Baby Noah is just sitting so low and putting a lot of pressure. I am also having an upset tummy and finding it hard to eat because I always feel so full. I go to the Dr.on thursday so we will see what he has to say. I just don't feel like I will actually make it 8 more weeks. I have so much to do to get ready yet.
The other 4 munchkins are their usual self. Dominic is finishing up 3rd grade. He will be moving up to the Hope Program next year which is the gifted and talented class. He has been getting straight A's. Reynaldo is doing a little bit better in school and will be participating in the extended school year. It lasts for 14 days and is only 1/2 day. We will take anything we can to help him transition into 3rd grade. His Bipolar has been majorly out of control. He will be starting some in home therapy and a mentor program this week after we called the mobile Crisis division. It has gotten pretty scary and I actually don't even have the energy to share about it right now. Just please keep our whole family in prayer as we seek help in this area. I am thankful that I get strength from my God.
Kiarrah is excited to be graduating Kindergarten. Actually they call it a moving up ceremony here. She has been a sneaky little one lately and I will need to share some of her antics soon. She is proud to announce that she has stopped biting her nails and has not gotten strep again. She was getting it month after month due to putting her hands in her mouth all the time. The Dr. threatened her with a shot the next time she got it and it happened. I think she learned her lesson.
Gracie is a little sweetie pie. She sure has been testing my limits though. Ahhhh the terrible twos. She is growing like a weed and favors cookies for every meal. No I don't give them to her haha. She has quite the personality. She loves music and doggies.
We finally got a van to fit the growing family. It is such a blessing and quite a testimony in itself. I will need to come back and write about these things. Now I have no excuse of not knowing what to write about.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Long Time No Write

I can't believe how bad I have been about updating my blog. I used to love to post here but Facebook has been sucking me in. I have been reconnecting with a lot of old friends. I have so much to share but where do I even begin.

Let's see. I am 17 weeks pregnant. I am having a BOY! We went for the Ultrasound on February 25th. Dominic, Kiarrah and Gracie went with us and Reynaldo went on a play date. He didn't care as long as we called him because he was excited for the play date with his friend Kuda. When we found out it was a boy Kiarrah was upset and said no, that's not a boy and then proceeded to say " That SUCKS" ( tell us how you really feel Ki LOL) Dominic smiled and wanted to see the rest of the Ultrasound. He was fascinated with what he was seeing on the screen. When we called Reynaldo he screamed with excitement. He was happy with a boy or a girl but I think deep down inside he did want a boy but didn't want to get his hopes up like he did with Gracie. Our little baby boy was not shy at all. I was surprised it was a boy because of how sick I have been feeling. He is growing wonderfully. Of course I just can't have a normal pregnancy but have to have some kind of abnormality. I think God is showing off again. He will get all the glory in the end because I was told I would never get pregnant and here I am pregnant again. He has what is called a 2 vessel umbilical cord. One is an artery and the other a vein. It "can" be a sign of a problem but in 90% of the pregnancies everything is fine. It happens in 1% of pregnancies. Of course being as "special" as I am I am the 1%. I am due on August 13th but will go about 10 days early with a C Section.

This has been a crazy pregnancy with off and on morning sickness and weird cravings. I love salad with French dressing. I am usually not a fan at all of this kind of dressing. I also have been grooving on apples and sesame bagel with cream cheese. I had one night where I had to have Mexican food. Of course I want to junk too. I can't have ice cream at all. It doesn't agree with me. I also can't stand the site of ketchup.

What was even funnier is when Jim and I went out for Valentines Day. I HAD to have fish. When I was pregnant with Gracie I couldn't stand the smell, sight or even thought of fish. For some reason that day I wanted it. Now if you were to offer it to me today you would get a big fat UGH! It is weird how your body reacts to smells and sights and such.

We have decided to name our little guy Noah Perry.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Prayers Needed

I am finally feeling a little more alive and can eat a bit more. I have been wanting cereal. Of course they are not the healthiest choices of cereal but hey if I can keep it down then it is better than nothing.
Yesterday I received some very hard to swallow news and I would really appreciate your prayers. My grandfather who is 85 has a mass on each lung. He will be going for a scan again tomorrow to see if the brain area has been affected with the cancer. He doesn't have any of the typical symptoms of lung cancer but it is blatantly there. He had gone in for a scan of the heart due to leg swelling. His circulation is not what it used to be. they just so happened to stumbled upon the lung issue. I am thankful they found it and pray that he has more time on this earth. I appreciate your prayers. His name is Bob

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pity Party Please

Well, today I am 10 weeks 4 days pregnant. It has been a very rough go up this this month. I had truly thought I would avoid the miserable all day sickness that plagued me when I was pregnant with Gracie but it did show up alittle later than it did with her. UGH! This weekend was hard because I have a nasty sinus infection on top of the mess and the post nasal drip just does wonders to my gag reflexes. I will admit defeat and say yes I am miserable. It is so hard when you know you have eat to nourish the baby and nothing remotely sounds good. I have been living off of Popsicles and bananas (although a little hesitant to try the latter as it didn't stay down last time I tried). Smells are even worst. I am driving my husband batty. Everything stinks and sends me over the edge. I had to suffer through washing some dishes this morning because I feel so bad that my husband has had to do so much extra but I literally gagged over the food on the plates,,, Oh and don't even get me started on my hair issue. I see pieces of hair every where and feel like I am constantly going to hack up a fur ball. I feel like there is hair in my throat. This issue is nothing new and something I struggled with when I was pregnant with Gracie. I know it is all worth it in the end my I just needed this little pity party to express exactly what I am going through.

Baby Pumpkins First Picture