Monday, December 03, 2007

A Dominic Funny

Dominic informed me today that he needs to get the Wii for Christmas because it is good for him. When I asked him why he said it is educational and he will be able to get exercise!!!! I had to control myself from laughing. I have heard it all.

Gracie and Me

Honor Roll

I am so proud of my boys. They did so well on their report cards. Dominic even made Honor Roll. Rey had a huge improvement from last year. I was looking over their Terra Nova testing scores and was shocked. Since we have moved here and entered this school system Rey's score went up 33% and Dominic's went up 3%. I know that the schools could be so much better but that is a huge difference especially for Reynaldo. That has a lot to say about our old school district. All I want from them is their best. Dominic loves his teacher and loves school. Reynaldo has a teacher that I wish would push him a little more because I feel he could even do better. He does have a special education teacher in the classroom to that works with him one on one a lot. She is really good with him but her hands seem to be tied a lot on how much she can do. Rey is the type of child that needs a little flexibility in his learning style. She is very sensitive to that and tries to cater to him. The head teacher is more rigid. Rey is also seeing on OT therapist on a once a week basis that has been working with him on many issues.
All in all I am pleased with the progress they are making.

Gracie Girl is 4 Months

Peanut is now 4 months old. She is at such a fun stage. She is really starting to smile and coo. She is very alert and loves to talk to you. She is also beginning to move. She has a bouncy seat that she loves to scrunch down in to the point of almost falling out. It is a game for her.

We are still trying to get her to gain weight. She is now 10 lbs 4 oz and no where on the chart. We started our 8th formula and today she is starting a new medicine called Regalin for the reflux. This is supposed to help the food digest quicker so she can absorb more calories. The formula she is on is called Neo Sure and it is a high calorie formula. The Dr. is concerned that if she doesn't start gaining weight that it will stunt her growth in other areas. She loves to eat and will suck it down, it just doesn't stay down. We have tried so many different things. We are now taking her into the Dr. on weekly basis so we can monitor the weight gain. We have decided to hold off on starting baby food because it has less calories then the formula and we don't want her to fill up on the food instead of the formula.

The kids go to a new pair of Dr.'s and we love them. They are two wonderful Polish men. In fact one of the Dr.s reminds me so much of my dad who isn't even Polish. They both have a great sense of humor and seem to love their jobs and the kids. We will miss our old Pediatricians but the commute was getting to be so much with 4 kiddos.
Here are some new pictures of baby girl. The one is a picture of her and her little "boy" friend. I love that little boy. Gracie used to kick at him when she was in my tummy and I would hold him. He is a few months older than her.