Thursday, July 05, 2007

Little Update

Sorry I haven't been on in forever. Been having computer problems and also just getting very uncomfortable and tired. I only have a few more weeks to go. Yesterday we had a really nice time at a BBQ at our Pastors' house. It is so nice because they live on our block so we didnt have far to go and the kids were so well behaved. We have been invited to a few cookouts in the last few weeks but we just haven't been able to go because of how I have been feeling. I hate missing out on stuff like that.
Went to the Dr. on Monday. Gracie is doing well. The boys got to see their first ultrasound and are so excited. Everyday they ask me if she is coming out yet. They sent me over to L & D because we weren't sure if I was having real contractions. Come to find out I was dehydrated and need two bags of fluids and I was having Braxton Hicks and all the pain has been round ligament stretching. Geez it hurts. I am such a baby with pain.
Kiarrah is loving school and thriving there. It was just what she needed. She comes home happy and tired and is a major pleasure to be around. She has gotten in a little trouble but that is to be expected.
The boys have been kept busy with the summer library reading program and writing in their journals and playing outside. I try to get them out for a few hours a day. Thank goodness it has been a little cooler out.
Jims wounds are healing. He has gotten so much grief about his "booboos" GOOD!
I have my baby showers coming up and I am getting so excited. We went out the other day and bought my travel system. We figured we better get the carseat now after the scare on monday. My grandparents helped me get it with baby money. I can't beleive how expenesive those things are. My parents are bring out the crib in Sept. I just need to get a mattress now.
Well, I best get in the shower. We have a few little errands to do today.