Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I ran away from Home

Ever have one of those days when you just can't take it anymore and want to run away and not look back? I don't know what is going on with my children but they have been driving me to the brink of a breakdown. They have been very disrespectful and defiant. Especially "little miss butterfly." For some reason she thinks she is the boss and needs to tell me what to do. She completely ignores me when I ask her to do something. The boys have been fighting roughly and throw stupid tantrums. Dominic has given Reynaldo two bloody noses this week from playing too rough. I have tried every form of discipline and nothing is working. I have to keep in mind that these are not your atypical children and they are wired different but that doesn't mean I should look the other way when they act this way. They are in need of some major boot camp structure with some STRICT rules! That is all in the works right now. I know for a fact they do much better when things are consistent and structured. People seem to look at me strange when I am so structured and strict but they are not the parents of my kids. They don't know their needs and issues. I need to stop caring what others think and do what is best for my babies. After an emotional phone call with my husband about feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out it was much decided that I needed to leave when my husband got home and spend the evening out. Knowing how moody I have been lately and grumpy, I really did not want to be around anyone. After a suggestion from a friend I went and walked around some stores and decided to go see a movie. I have never gone to a movie by myself but I have to admit I liked it even though it felt weird. I was actually the only one in the theatre. I left feeling very destressed and ready to face the challenge of being Super Preggo Momma. I am sure baby Gracie was relieved to have quiet time in the womb away from all the Drama.