Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Kiddo Updates

My how I am slacking in the blog world. My computer time lately has been focused on Facebook and My Fitness Pal. If you get a chance check out my other blog. If you click on my profile you can find the address for it.
The kids sure have grown. Mr. Noah now has two pearly whites peeking out of his bottom gums. Man do they hurt when he bites? yes I know I shouldn't put my finger in his mouth. He is vocal now and obsessed with DADADADADADADA. Funny thing is though that he is a mommas boy. He loves his momma and needs me to snuggle with him at bedtime. Who am I kidding, he needs me all the time. It is hard to get a break from the cute little boy. Daddy sure tries to give me that break but Mr. Noah wants who he wants and there isn't any compromising for him. He is trying very hard to learn to crawl and has mastered getting stuck under the couch. He has managed to roll all the way across the living room floor. When there is a will there is a way. He is my little cutie pie and I adore him.
Miss Gracie has become quite talkative. She has such a strong willed personality and takes after her daddy with loving to make people laugh. Her giggle is quite infectious. She adores her big sister and loves to play with her. She is a little copy cat. The two share a room and are perfect for each other when it comes to the too of them being sloppy. Gracie has also started being a little tattle tailer. Her favorite thing to tell about is when in the morning she likes to announce " Ommy Ikki is out of bed. Kiarrah does get annoyed with her but loves her dearly. When I go to pick up the kids from school Gracie will only let KiKi hold her hand.
Mr. Rey Rey is quite the social butterfly. We always have kids coming to the house to see if Rey can come out and play. He is all about playing and forget anything else. I bought him a new shirt today that defines him to the Tee (haha, get it? Fits him to the tee? I crack myself up) On it is a monster and the shirt says " Monsters don't scare me but chores do" He hates chores and will do what he can to get out of doing them. He is doing better in school. We still need to work on writing and reading but he is getting stronger in Math. I wish his present teachers could move up with him to the next grade.
Kiarrah still loves school! She always has her nose in a book or a puzzle book. She loves word finds. She currently is enjoying a Nancy Drew book. She also loves to listen to her Cd's. High school musical is the current favorite and you can usually hear her singing in her room or in the shower. The other day Dominic made the comment that Kiarrah sings pretty good and he would like to see her on American Idol sometime but then he was quick to add in his typical brotherly fashion that he doesn't want to hear her sing all day though just because he said that. He loves to pick on her. She is a huge help to me and loves to help with the littler ones. She is such a little momma.
Dominic is quite the character. He is at that "I think I know everything "stage and I just want to slap him on most days. He challenges everything and at the same time loves to get you all riled up. He has been going through a big transition with the Hope program. It has taken some adjusting but he is finally coming around. At first he went through a stage where he didn't want to be smart anymore. It's not cool to be smart according to him. He got a huge wake up call when privileges started getting taken away. He is also another bookworm in the house. It gives me such great joy to see him enjoying a book and not wanting to put it down.
I thought I would include a few recent pictures for your enjoyment.