Monday, October 29, 2007

Update on the Butterfly

We finally got Kiarrah into the neurologist. After going through her whole history, the Dr. feels that she has FASD. That would explain the extreme impulsivity and the lack of fear. We are going to try a new medicine to help her with this. Kari if you are reading this coudl you please email me at I could really use some help on this regarding schooling and just general advice. I lost the link to your page.
The one great thing Kiarrah has going for her is that she is extremely bright. She loves to learn.


Gracie's personality is really starting to emerge. Her are some cute shots of her that I got. Bad hair day for sure!!!

Dominic is 8

I can't believe that my oldest is now 8. I am so proud of Dominic and how he has turned into such an awesome big boy. He was quite disappointed yesterday to get clothes yesterday for his birthday but he needed them. He got jammies, a winter coat, pants, sweatshirts and under shirts. We gave him money to buy a game for his PlayStation and to buy this hot wheels toy that he wants. He just wouldn't tell me what he wanted.

Last night I was making chocolate chip cookies for him to take for his class today and Gracie was crying. I took her into his room to lay with him so I could finish and they both fell asleep. I have to share these pictures.