Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Land of Lack of Nod

Greetings from Sunny Jersey. I write to you through bleary eyes caused by lack of sleep but with joy bubbling over in my heart. I love being a mom. All of my kiddos are doing great. The butterfly is flourishing at her little preschool and coming home with songs and stories of her classmates. She loves the program and it is the best thing we could have done for her. I have decided to keep her there for the Fall instead of putting her in the public school system.
Rey is loving having all of the kids in the neighborhood to practice all his sports skills with. He is quite the athlete and especially loves to play football. There are a few little boys in the neighborhood that you will find in our yard on a regular basis. I am so happy we moved here and that the kids are so adjusted to it. This is the kind of neighborhood that I wanted them to grow up in. It is all about families and playing outside and just being kids. Not an overbooked social calendar filled with classes to the max. Kids are only kids once.
Dominic loves the outdoors too but also likes his quiet time in his room. He has developed a major love of reading!!! That brings a major smile to my face because I share this hobby with him. You will find me with my nose buried in a book quite often. Dominic has also been enjoying corresponding through snail mail with his cousin Sean who lives in Indiana. He misses him so much.
Miss Gracie is doing wonderful. She loves to sleep!!!! DURING THE DAY!! Lol but not at night. She is a total cuddle bug and loves her siblings. They enjoy feeding her and holding her. She has changed our whole family in so many ways. Ki loves to sing to her. Especially, You are my sunshine. We took Gracie to the Dr. and she needs to eat a little more. She is still not at her birth weight. She only weighs 7lb 14 oz. I have tried many times to breast feed but she just will not latch on. I am currently pumping and then supplementing with 2 bottles of formula. Would love any advice on how to increase my milk supply. I had a breast surgery 7 years ago and I think it affected a few of my milk ducts so I am not able to produce enough for her. I am giving her what I can because it is better than nothing at all.
I will post pictures later after I upload them.