Monday, August 04, 2008

Ode to Life

Finally everyone that was sick is on the mend. Dominic has been complaining of a sore throat this evening so we shall see what tomorrow brings. With all of his sensory issues just getting a little hoarse big time bothers him. Speaking of Dominic, I can't believe how big my little man is getting. He is so tall. Where did my baby boo go? He is so siked about our trip to Indiana. He always has such a great time playing outside and seeing his cousin Sean. He also goes nuts over the dogs. The poor kiddo loves dogs but with his allergies and Asthma, no doggies for us.

Tomorrow is my guys 40th Birthday. I must say he still looks hot for being 40. I am so blessed with an awesome man of God that loves us so much. We might not be rich money wise but we are in love. I love him even more than that day we met back in 1991 when he was cheating off of my Scattergories Game card. We had gazed into each other's eyes and it was love. What is funny is the fact that still to this day we love playing board games. Anyways enough mush for now and I want to keep this G Rated Happy Birthday Babe. I love you my Pooh Bear!!!! Just promise me that you won't go through a midlife crisis and get a motorcycle and change me in for 2 twenty year olds.