Thursday, February 28, 2008


We are enjoying life here. Things just never seem to slow down. I guess that is life with 4 kids. My sister claims I have a gift of going on in life like having four kids is normal. LOL Isn't it? I guess for some people it isn't. And to think I would love another one.
Gracie is gaining weight. She is now 13.7 pounds and 25 inches long. She is now in the 5 percentile. YEA!!! She loves to eat and how dare you eat anything in front of her with out giving her some. She will start hollering at you and start smacking her lips. She has quite the personality and sure makes all of us laugh. Her brothers and sister adore her. Kiarrah is doing better with her but I still have to closely monitor her with her because she gets rough or get a sudden jolt of energy and doesn't stop to think that she could hurt Gracie. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is some nasty stuff. I wish I could get into her mind and truely understand what she is feeling. Everything is so off all the time. It is like two minds are trying to run one body.
The boys are doing ok. Reynaldo has been having issues with cycling. Spring is upon us and his Bipolar seems to get so out of wack this time of year. I am trying so hard to learn when he is at the breaking point so that he can be redirected but I am not always so lucky. Please keep us in prayers because this gets so difficult at times. Dominic is doing great. Just sassy and fresh like most 8 year olds.