Sunday, July 09, 2006

A forever Family wanted

After a very rough night with my ReyRey and KiKi I decided to stay home from church today. Reynaldo cried all night off and on and even woke up crying. I am not sure what was bothering him. He had been doing so well on his meds and I am hoping that it was just due to being overtired. He just seemed so stressed. Kiarrah was up too asking for water, food and to be held. Gotta love those middle of the night huggie moments but I am so tired today. She didnt want to sleep in her own bed either which meant Jim didn' t sleep well either because she is a bed hog.
After breakfast I decided to take them to the park to run around and enjoy the beautiful weather. It was a gorgeous day. I sat and talked to the people around me and met a beautiful young girl named Amanda.
She had asked me if I was a foster parent. I think she had overheard a conversation I was having with a man next to me. He was there with his grandson. She went on to tell me that she is a foster child and had just gotten into an argument with her foster mother and had left the house. We sat and talked for awhile and I gave her an ear because she was really upset and seemed to really need to talk. I was amazed at how open she was. I told her that she needed to go home and let her foster mother know where she was because she would be worried. I even offered to use my phone and call the mom. After an hour of talking to her I took her home and guess what... No one was home. I didnt know what to do but I needed to get my kids home. I gave her my telephone number and told her to call me collect if her foster mother wasn't home after awhile. She called me two hours later and still no one was home. I drove back out to her house a little after I hung up with her because I was really worried about her. No one was in sight. I just pray that she is ok. I am hoping maybe the family came home and they went somewhere together. I really wish I had the room for her but we just can't do it. I don't even have room in my car. She had told me that she was hoping to be adopted soon. She was just a sweet sweet girl. She is just another child out there that wants a forever family.