Monday, June 11, 2007

Busy Busy Weekend

It was such a busy weekend. It is finally getting to the point where I am forced to slow down. My energy level comes and goes and I am getting so worn out so easy. I guess I will need to now with no choice in the matter.
Friday I went to Walmart and bought the kids a small pool to play in. They were thrilled with it and used it that day. It was in the 90's outside so it felt awesome. We had a bunch of friends over later that evening for pizza and just plain fellowship.
Saturday Jim went to sing in a concert in Conneticut with our Worship Team. I was orginally going to go with him but it was so hot and the concert was outside. I knew I would be trying to chase the kids everywhere. Not something I am up to at almost 8 months pregnant. Instead I met with my friend Dawn and her daughter and we went to visit them and then we went to Chuckie Cheese and then to see the movie Surfs Up. We had a blast although I am so not a fan of Chuckie Cheese. It is crazy there. Jim actually beat us home.
Yesterday was an awesome uplifting sermon that really spoke to my heart. I spent a lot of time at the altar just talking to God. I know he has some big things planned for my life and I want to be in His Will. I don't want to be scared anymore of those things. He is bringing us to a whole new level in ministry and I want to be focused on him. I thank God for the friends around me that have a desire for the same things. It amazes me at how much God already uses me to minister to those around me. I want Him to use me.
Later that afternoon we spent time with more friends as different people stopped by. I love living where I live. We are surrounded by people we know.
Today I have a Dr.'s appointment to check on baby Gracie. Next week is another Ultrasound. I am more excited about that one. I do need to talk to the Dr though about all of this pressure I am feeling. It gets worst when I walk around. Baby girl needs to stay in there and bake alittle longer.
Friday I was holding a newborn on my lap with his little rear seated on my belly and Gracie was kicking away. I was teasing Elijah's mommy saying that Gracie is already kicking his butt :)
The boys are so ready for school to be over. Reynaldo is finally doing so much better in school. He is actually liking writing sentences. I really need to work with him over the summer. I think we are going to do some journalling and letter writing to family and also we will work through some workbooks. We will do school stuff for 1-2 hours a day. That will also include reading in that time. I want to work with Kiarrah. My only concern though it that she is so bright now I don't want to get too far ahead or she is going to deal with major boredom in school when it starts. She is already doing Kindergarten work and will only be starting preschool.
I will work with her a little though. She wants so bad to spell stuff and read. Maybe we will start with a few basic sight words. I also need to get some more craft supplies. She loves doing crafts. Dominic does also.
Well, I best hit the shower. Kiarrah is sitting her telling me she wants to get all pretty. LOL