Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it Summer Yet?

My kiddos are so ready for school to be over. I don't blame them. I am so tired of the homework everyday. I think it was made to torture parents.
Reynaldo said he is planning to swim all summer in his pool. Well, we don't have a pool yet but I am planning on getting them a big kiddie pool. That is where you are gonna find my pregnant self. Sitting in the pool with a nice glass of Decaf Ice tea!!!! I'll even let the kids splash me. I even found a maternity swim suit on Sale for $6.99!!!! What a deal!!!!
Kiarrah said she gonna go to the beach all summer. Sorry honey with the price of Gas right now that ain't gonna happen very often.
Dominic is planning on riding his scooter. I just pray for no trips to the ER. He is so rough when he plays outside that I am surprised that we have not had any broken bones.
The kids have about 3 more weeks of school.

25 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1) I love to sleep.
2) I clip coupons and love to see how much I can save at the grocery store.
3) I grew up in Indiana.
4) I was a writer and managing editor of my school newspaper.
5) I sang in high school choir for 4 years.
6) I am terrified of mice and snakes.
7) I love to scrapbook.
8) I am teaching myself to crochet
9) I love to cook new recipes
10) I hate liver
11) I hate scalloped potatoes( they make me gag)
12) I think armpits are ugly
13) I am the oldest of three girls
14) My favorite movie of all time is Mary Poppins
15) I was a nanny for 15 years
16) I love grandma underwear (TMI I know)I am a comfort kind of gal
17) I love eggplant parmigiana
18) My hubby calls me sweetness
19) I loved riding my bike and playing ditch em when growing up.
20) I used to have the same reoccurring nightmare about a wind up mouse for years.
21) I can pick up quarters with my toes
22) I love country decor and stuff from Amish country
23) I am a want to be photographer
24) I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for a few years and survived
25) I hate Math

Whiny Wednesday

Do you ever have a day when all you want to do is turn into Wendy Whiner? Well I am having one of those days. Today I am trying to clean my house and am amazed that we just did a quick cleanup yesterday and today we need to re vacuum, dust and pick up. My kids drive me crazy. I am on them all the time to put their stuff away but they still leave it out. They aren't even phased when I take it away for awhile unless it is my oldest's PlayStation or a game boy. I feel like a broken record" Make your bed", Put your clothes in the Hamper" Pick up your toys" . I should just put it all on a tape and push a button when needed.
And the Bathroom!!! Need I get started on that? Daddy Jim needs to give the boys a AIM lesson. Time for Let's sink the Cheerios. Maybe I need to cover the mirror in there. I have on more than one occasion seen the boys looking at themselves in the mirror when they are supposed to be watching their aim. Can you spell GROSS!!!! I thank God I am having a girl. Maybe I should turn bathroom cleaning duty over to all "three little boys" in the house. Maybe then they will be more careful.