Saturday, August 05, 2006


My 5 year old is really driving me crazy these past few days. He has a tendency to talk me into cooking or preparing something for him to eat and then he doesn't want to eat. Or he will ask me for seconds and I will just give him alittle bit and he doesn't eat it. I will even ask him if he is sure he is still hungry before I give it to him. He will pull this a lot at suppertime and then wake up ravenous and demanding breakfast right then and there. Dear son let me wake up first.

Summer Cold

I am just downright miserable today. I have an awful summer cold and can't breathe through my nose.
Yesterday, I found someplace for all the kiddos to be and I took Jim out to dinner for his birthday. We had a gift certificate from Christmas that we had not used yet so we went there for lunch. I really did not want to go but I knew it isn't often I get a babysitter. His birthday is actually today but he is singing at a church all day today. He was there last night too.
He ordered a steak and was in pure heaven. I ordered a fancy tuscany turkey sandwich but I couldn't taste a single thing.
Today I am going to make Jim Spaghetti which he will be thrilled about.
I pray that the kids will behave today because I am feeling so worn out and short tempered.
I am off to find some kleenex.