Monday, January 28, 2008

Look at me

Gracie girl thinks she is big stuff when she is propped up to sit. Well, she had her Dr.'s appointment and weighed 12 lbs 4 oz. She is just gonna be a tiny little thing. She is a little behind on some things but she was also 5 weeks early. She got three of her shots and ran a low grade fever. Yesterday and today she is fighting a bug. I have it too but not full force yet. You know when you hurt so much even your hairs on your head hurt? That is what I am starting to feel like. Jim was an angel today and helped me so much this morning. I am so incredibly blessed to have him.
The other three are good. Kiarrah has been up to her usual antics. She managed to get her hands on some scissors again and cut her hair. It is such a mess. We had a babysitter Saturday night so that we could go to a dinner for married couples at our Pastor's house. She was great with the kids and did Kiarrahs hair into a beautiful little style that will work until her hair grows in some more.
We are trying to figure out what to do with her next school year. We have a close friend that has offered to homeschool her with her child. She is a wonderful woman of God and has the patience on a Saint. She also truly "gets" Kiarrah. Not many people do but Kiarrah listens to her also. We are going to do some research on it and check on books and such. She wants to use the Abeka program with her. Any of you have experience with it?
What is really nice about this option is that they can work at their own pace and advance if need be. Please keep this in prayer along with us. I just feel if I send Ki to the public school it is going to be hell. She will eat them alive and become the class bully/trouble maker. The FASD has affected her so much and I am seeing it more and more.